VRneck SOLUTION – about the project

VRneck SOLUTION – about the project
25 May 2020

VRneck SOLUTION is a project aimed at building a global system supporting decision-making in the process of diagnosis and rehabilitation of persons with functional impairment of cervical spine, cervicothoracic junction and craniocervical junction. The system may be used both by professionals – doctors, physiotherapists, certifying physicians from companies and insurance institutions – and patients themselves. The project will leverage technologies such as cloud computing, virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI).

The project is aimed at successfully supporting the process of taking clinical decisions by rehabilitation professionals, which should significantly improve the availability and accuracy of diagnostics and treatment of functional impairment of cervical spine.

VRneck SOLUTION system’s architecture will be based on a selected cloud technology. Both the personal data of users and test results will be stored in a cloud database. It is assumed that a vast majority of client applications will be implemented in the web technology so that the system may be accessed from any device through any browser with Internet access. One of key features of the system being designed is ensuring anonymization of personal data and security of all data stored in the system.