VRneck SOLUTION – application

VRneck SOLUTION – application
18 May 2020

The project will also include an application for analyzing results obtained with the use of the VRneck device. This software will enable users to create their own motion disorder grids for particular spine segments, and create innovative functional boards of motor tasks for identifying dysfunctions. In the case of advanced functional impairment, during analysis it will also be possible to take into account the results of other examinations (e.g. X-ray, sEMG, Stabilizer, etc.) known for a given patient. The functionalities of this module will also enable users to carry out statistical analyzes of VRneck examination results. This module will also offer the option of creating reports and printouts.

As various doubts may arise when analyzing patient’s examination results, the analysis app will have the functions of conducting multi-party medical consultations between physiotherapists and/or doctors. For that purpose, the module will provide chat or videoconference features which will make it possible to see and analyze ambiguous measurements or analysis results.

The final stage of works on the VRneck SOLUTION system will be its integration with the use of selected cloud computing technology. The cloud that will be the common denominator for all the system components. Apart from the diagnostics workstation features, all the other functionalities of the VRneck SOLUTION system will be provided to users in the form of services of a selected cloud solution.