VRneck SOLUTION – treatment

VRneck SOLUTION – treatment
21 May 2020

VRneck treatment will be based on the same mechanisms as diagnosis. The only difference will consist in choosing appropriate test boards in order to intensify exercises in those fields of segment motion in which the diagnostics has detected the greatest functional impairment.

In the VRneck SOLUTION’s design, the diagnostics workstation will be based on a Windows PC configured for interoperability with a chosen model of VR goggles (appropriate computing power, recommended graphics card, etc.).

The diagnostics workstation will feature both applications for carrying out the VRneck test and applications for analyzing VRneck results. It will be connected with the VRneck SOLUTION system through the cloud. VRneck test results will be temporarily stored on the workstation’s disk, and after completing the examination they will be transferred to the VRneck system’s database along with related patient and doctor/physiotherapist data.

In the future, we also plan to implement the VRneck test for mobile devices, which should contribute to a wider adoption of the VRneck SOLUTION and easier access to VRneck treatment.