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Are we ready for the next generation of pupils? How to modify the teaching methods to align them with the way the pupils interact and make them reinforce the teacher’s authority?

The digital school model is still at a test stage. Optimum tools are sought that would make teachers’ work easier. This is a huge challenge for educational publishers which must accurately identify the needs of schools and change the way they design educational content. When adapted to state-of-the-art tools, it becomes more interactive and drives greater engagement from pupils. However, the need to incur growing investment expenditure poses a risk that is difficult to assess at the current stage of changes. This is why we have developed a platform which stands out from rigid LMS platforms and positions us as a digital partner. We empower you to implement your own educational approaches with the use of flexible digital tools. EDUWAREBOX provides you with a whole spectrum of functionalities that enable testing your own solutions.

Modern school should provide a space for interactions between the teacher and students and between students themselves, enable individualization (and even personalization) of teaching, and de-localize learning by providing students with educational platforms they can use anytime, anywhere and from any device

Polish school must appropriately prepare students for working in an integrated digital reality. It is not about hardware and infrastructure investments common in recent years, but about multi-aspect use of digital technologies in all forms of education and lifelong learning

Report “Kompetencje przyszłości w czasach cyfrowej dysrupcji. Studium wyzwań dla Polski w perspektywie roku 2030” (Competences of the future in times of digital disruption. Study of challenges for Poland in the perspective of 2030), Cities On Internet Association and Fundacja Naukowa Evidence Institute, 2019.


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