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20 October 2020

Using AI for automating financial processes

Using artificial intelligence in the processes which enable the computer to learn to do tasks natural to the human brain covers many areas. In particular, those that seem simple but, when automated, can streamline the work. This is, in fact, the essence of the project that we are implementing right now using machine learning. Its […]

VRneck SOLUTION – about the project 25 May 2020

VRneck SOLUTION – about the project

VRneck SOLUTION is a project aimed at building a global system supporting decision-making in the process of diagnosis and rehabilitation of persons with functional impairment of cervical spine, cervicothoracic junction and craniocervical junction. The system may be used both by professionals – doctors, physiotherapists, certifying physicians from companies and insurance institutions – and patients themselves. […]

VRneck SOLUTION – test 22 May 2020

VRneck SOLUTION – test

One of key design components is a diagnostics workstation. Its major feature is diagnosing functional impairment of cervical spine and cervicothoracic junction and supporting treatment in that field. Diagnosing cervical spine disorders consists of many elements, including: anamnesis, X-ray examination, sEMG examination, manual examination, examining nerve and muscle coordination with the use of Stabilizer, VRneck […]

VRneck SOLUTION – treatment 21 May 2020

VRneck SOLUTION – treatment

VRneck treatment will be based on the same mechanisms as diagnosis. The only difference will consist in choosing appropriate test boards in order to intensify exercises in those fields of segment motion in which the diagnostics has detected the greatest functional impairment. In the VRneck SOLUTION’s design, the diagnostics workstation will be based on a […]

VRneck SOLUTION – automatic diagnosis module 20 May 2020

VRneck SOLUTION – automatic diagnosis module

Other important components of the VRneck SOLUTION system include automatic diagnosis module and automatic treatment program selection module. Both modules will be created using artificial intelligence (AI) methods. Those methods will leverage intelligent data analysis algorithms which learn to detect dependencies between data captured by VRneck devices (and other available sources of information) and functional […]

VRneck SOLUTION – application 18 May 2020

VRneck SOLUTION – application

The project will also include an application for analyzing results obtained with the use of the VRneck device. This software will enable users to create their own motion disorder grids for particular spine segments, and create innovative functional boards of motor tasks for identifying dysfunctions. In the case of advanced functional impairment, during analysis it […]