Bartłomiej Antczak

President of the Management Board

Bartłomiej Antczak is responsible for managing the Betacom Group, preparing and implementing its
operational strategy and developing its portfolio in international markets and new business lines,
especially Education and Smart Workplace.

Magda Pleskacz

Member of the Management Board

As Financial Director, Magda Pleskacz is responsible for the finances of the Betacom Group and
particular business lines. She manages the controlling team and budget planning and implementation
of particular lines of business. She also supervises key investment projects at the Group.

Robert Fręchowicz

Member of the Management Board

Robert Fręchowicz is the founder of Betacom. He is responsible for managing the sales department.
He coordinates and supervises development and sales works as part of Hybrid IT and Logistics
business lines, and is also responsible for cooperating with the Group’s largest business partners.



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