Human Capital Management

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Digital transformation is being driven by new technologies. However, it is the people who are the real drivers of change and give you real competitive edge. Recruitment and talent acquisition, followed by development and incentive programs, are one of the key challenges faced by today’s companies. Manage talent and effectively respond to changing employee needs as well as new challenges and business requirements.



  • How to acquire and develop talents and reduce employee turnover in order to increase innovativeness and improve business performance?
  • How to use state-of-the-art tools for talent and succession management?
  • How to use formal and informal methods in supporting the educational culture and providing employees with access to knowledge?
  • How to make employees want to share their knowledge and experience?
  • How to stimulate and increase employee engagement in the pursuit of higher productivity?
  • How to create inspiring leaders and meet the needs and requirements of today’s employees?
  • How to address the needs of many generations, including the millennials who are about to dominate the labor market?


  • Acquiring the right human resources with efficient internal and external recruitment processes.
  • Increasing employee engagement and building their loyalty.
  • Reducing training costs and making it easier for new employees to adapt.
  • Adopting a unified working standard and creating a knowledge database / an experience sharing platform.
  • Organizing multi-channel business communications to support team operations and collaboration.
  • Delivering timely knowledge, delivering tools that enable continuous acquisition of knowledge and skills and sharing of experiences.
  • Developing inspiring leaders and creating a workplace that taps into the potential of individuals and teams.


An end-to-end integrated solution that supports talent acquisition, learning and development

Human Capital Management, a state-of-the-art self-service platform, allows to support the educational culture and increase employee engagement using either formal or informal methods. It enables talent acquisition and management and succession planning based on state-of-the-art tools that address the needs of many generations in order to enhance innovativeness and improve business performance. It also provides an easy and fast way to access information from any device.

We offer an efficient working methodology based on prototyping sessions, which accelerates the preparation and productive launch of the platform. Prototyping sessions are carried out by experienced Betacom analysts and consultants. The deliverables are a UML and BPMN-compliant process documentation and the configuration of processes in a dedicated pre-production environment.

Betacom consultants suggest some platform functions that are worth enabling, and configure the system so that the implemented processes efficiently and intuitively address business needs.

As a consequence, managers are empowered with tools that support the management and right use of talent information in order to monitor the trends prevailing both inside and outside the company.


Betacom S.A. has a more than 10-year track record in implementing numerous HCM solutions.

Our cooperation with global leaders of the market for knowledge management solutions and a team of experienced analysts and consultants is what positions us to handle the most complicated projects. Betacom’s success stories include the implementation of platforms for HR processes management in more than ten Poland’s largest organizations, and the implementation of systems for efficient task management and remuneration that promote engagement and creativity for the largest telecoms operators in the Polish market.

Also, Betacom’s specialized HCM team developed modules which promote the culture of continuous feedback and support for managers, multidimensional systems for employee evaluation (competencies, potential etc.) and talent promotion for the largest companies in the financial sector. The projects relied on artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies for HR.

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