First IT Boxing Night gala on October 19!

30 August 2021

Cloud or on-premise? Is it worth worrying about the GDPR? First IT Boxing Night gala on October 19!

Do discussions about IT remind you sometimes of boxing fights? If so, is it more like featherweight or heavyweight? Are knockouts more frequent, are fights won on points or are they more likely to go unresolved? Whether you’re a boxing fan or not, we invite you to the first IT Boxing Night gala – an epic no-holds-barred clash where IT professionals will step into the ring to defend their concepts and solutions with both strength and argument.

Blow for blow, argument for argument. First, we’ll find out whether local backup or cloud backup makes a stronger case. Will Magdalena “Hard” Patała-Kapko knock out Anna “Cloud” Rydel’s cloudy dreams with a heavy fist? Let’s get it on!
Right straight: On-premise means more control over the infrastructure. It is also the local administrator who is able to act pro-actively and always react to incidents!

Slip: More control? More control means more responsibility! Who will take care of all the upgrades, new equipment, purchases? Who will ensure that all the lights are green? And what if the administrator gets sick? In the cloud you have high availability out of the box!
Counterattack: Costs need to be kept under control. What if the amount of data being backed up increases significantly?
Slip and hook: Costs, costs, costs… and what about scalability? After all, scalability is the key to modern business. We don’t know what will happen in six months!
Parry: And what about the network? If you use cloud backup, you need to ensure very high bandwidth. And you’re going to depend on the telecoms provider…

Clinch: So you think that if you have your own equipment, you are fully independent? You’ve got to be kidding!
In the second fight of the evening, we will explore the pros and cons of investing in GDPR-compliant solutions. Does the law in this area even work? Is it worth investing huge amounts in compliance? Will the cloud backup concept make it to the end of the third round, and will the legal phrases be pushed to the corner under a barrage of punches? Will Przemysław “Metalic” Mazurkiewicz knock down GDPR and Jakub “Lewy” Lewandowski? Will the argument of strength or the strength of arguments decide? Who will win?
This is just a preview of the IT Boxing Night gala. If you want to know the winners and their arguments, we invite you to watch the IT Boxing Night.
Coming 19 October! Let’s get ready to rumble!

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