Business process robotics a driver of digital transformation — May 27 at MIT Sloan Management Review conference

21 May 2021

Meet us at the MIT Sloan Management Review Poland Conference.


On May 27, we will have an excellent opportunity to hear presentations of the highest quality content in the field of business support technology. The phrase “digital business transformation” is a common theme at conferences.
At the upcoming event, experts will answer the following questions:

  • How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will accelerate your digital transformation
  • How are the Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge Computing making companies more productive?
  • Industrial automation and robotics for productivity growth — how to implement them?
  • IT platforms, partnerships and strategies for monetizing 5G
  • How do you develop 5G infrastructure, new applications and tools for your business?
  • What will the future of blockchain look like?

Our presentation titled “Robotization of Business Processes as a Driver of Digital Transformation” will be led by Zbyszek Sobierajski, who invited his client from Górażdże Cement S.A. to participate. – Sławomir Kosakowski, Member of the Management Board and CFO.
Digitization and automation of business processes provide a huge leap in productivity and efficiency, reducing errors while freeing employees from repetitive routines so they can focus on more creative, business-value-adding tasks.
RPA enables you to accelerate your workflows quickly and efficiently, which translates into higher profits and faster response to changes, and helps you to maintain business continuity in crisis situations. Today, software robots have become an integral part of end-to-end digital transformation projects.
Learn more about Robotic Process Automation in our RPA zone.