Digital transformation of education.

19 March 2020

The digital revolution has reached the educational sector, too, and the difficult situation around the world is starting to push for a transformation of teaching methods.

When looking at today’s education, it can be noticed that the digital revolution must accelerate and change the methods and ways of teaching. One of major aspects is the use of digital content to support teachers in a dynamic development of lesson scenarios and better adjustment of teaching materials.

Currently, a discussion is ongoing on how teachers deal with a situation where schools are closed but classes must be conducted in line with the curriculum, and the youth must be encouraged to become self-reliant and work remotely in a virtual classroom.

Suspending school classes as part of the fight against coronavirus spread is a much bigger challenge than all previous arguments for using remote learning methods. In these exceptional times, the principals ensure the classes are continued based on electronic communications, as possible in the existing conditions.

Betacom S.A.’s many years of experience include proven case studies where such models were built and digital communication platforms for the educational sector were implemented on an informed basis.

We successfully developed and (together with our Slovakian partner) implemented VIKI, a countrywide digital education platform which is the main, central repository of digital educational content and was contracted by the Slovakian Ministry of Education.

The portal includes educational content for preschools, primary schools, secondary schools and vocational schools. The topics covered include mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, finance and environmental education.

VIKI also provides schools and teachers with a comprehensive tool for preparing educational materials, working with pupils during the classes and checking their homework afterwards.

VIKI is among the main tools currently recommended to schools by the ministry:

The educational platform implemented for the Ministry of Education is available to all pupils and teachers in the country. The implementation in the environment of a government computing cloud is a way to ensure the highest security of data processed (including personal data) while enabling access to the e-service layer delivered by several Slovakian ministries, including the Ministry of Education.

The Polish example of a similar solution is the platform used in the Greater Poland’s Digital School, as implemented for the Teachers’ Development Center in Poznań.

The educational platform for the Teachers’ Development Center in Poznań was implemented under the “Greater Poland’s Digital School@ 2020” program in which our responsibilities included the delivery of IT tools supporting the transformation of the educational process in schools for over 500,000 pupils in the Greater Poland region. The program included the common implementation of IT tools and digital educational resources. The educational platform is among the key elements of that project because it is intended for use as part of most activities.

The selected functionalities provided by the platform include:

  • Setting competence development goals for pupils: ensuring IT tools that support the implementation of educational programs.
  • Establishing project groups among teachers and pupils registered at the platform. Organization of actions and communication between project group members.
  • Workgroup mechanisms for a joint performance of tasks.
  • Preparing and delivering digital educational content used by pupils during project implementation.
  • Preparing and publishing the scoreboard.

Both VIKI and CSW2020 are projects built upon Eduwarebox (, Betacom’s proprietary solution for a comprehensive development of dedicated educational systems. The open micro-service architecture enables integration with different technology vendors, and allows to modify and add new solutions and functionalities. This is how we ensure that our customers comply with the highest applicable standards (including security standards).