Discussion on digital transformation in schools on the German market – starting cooperation with VBM

Discussion on digital transformation in schools on the German market – starting cooperation with VBM
21 August 2020

Discussion on digital transformation in schools on the German market – starting cooperation with the Association of Educational Publishers in Germany – Verband Bildungsmedien (VBM).

In connection with the implementation of business objectives set forth in the consortium agreement signed in December 2019 between Asseco Data Systems, Betacom and Schul-Cloud GmbH, our German distributor together with Verband Bildungsmedien will organize workshops in Berlin on August 24 and 25. Their goal is to discuss and exchange experiences from Eduwarebox deployments carried out in the Ministry of Education in Slovakia and projects implemented in Poland.

VBM is the leading association of professional educational content providers in Germany, which brings together all textbook publishers. Active members of the Association include, among others, representatives of the top players on the publishing market coming from Klett, Cornelsen and Westerman. The tasks of VBM include developing technological solutions supporting publishers in the process of secure sharing of digital content adapted to educational needs in consultation with teachers and students.

Verband Bildungsmedien currently manages the repositories of educational materials and licensing of access to these resources at the level of ministries, city education departments and individual schools.

More information about VBM can be found at https://www.bildungsmedien.de/

During the next workshops, the goal of which is to verify the organizational and technological possibilities of cooperation between the consortium partners (T-Systems and VBM), the Eduwarebox solution will be presented in relation to Betacom’s reference projects. In addition to the presentation of functional aspect (focusing on the license management modules, building lesson plans based on external resources of publishers), one of the blocks will be devoted to discussing design assumptions for comprehensive and massive implementations and experience gained so far by Betacom.

In each such discussion, the starting point is a broader view of digital transformation, which requires a program-based approach, not a specific one for an individual project. A successful commitment always starts with a shared understanding of our partner’s vision, goals, challenges and expected results. Therefore, the joint workshop that is going to be carried out in August in Berlin is of key importance for the future development of cooperation.

Discussions between consortium partners and VBM embody the implementation of the strategy of building Betacom’s position on the territory of DACH with particular emphasis on the assumptions of the Digital Pakt federal program being financed by the German government and aiming at accelerating transformation processes in schools. Currently, the consortium and Deutsche Telekom are engaged in sales processes for clients from the public sector. The largest undertaking is the tender conducted by the Ministry of Education of the Baden-Württemberg region, which decides on the choice of a solution for over 1.5 million students.

Eduwarebox is an engine that allows you to create your own websites based on technological solutions for the education industry. Ready to use out of the box, Eduwarebox components accelerate the launch of educational platforms. Eduwarebox enables automating the construction of the entire service architecture, taking account of its unique nature. The educational institution can easily develop its own interface that complies with the brand’s visual identity.
Eduwarebox provides its users with the highest standards of security and is being developed at Betacom as part of the Education Business Line.