Data security and protection

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IT is now more essential for business than ever. Even one incident may mean financial losses and reputational damage. That is why data and systems security has become a strategic priority for the more and more digital business world. Ensure the security of not only local systems, but also the complex hybrid environment spanning private and public clouds. In order to do it, you need the best solutions and the support of an experienced, competent partner.


  • How to ensure security for the infrastructure and increasingly larger datasets in the era of a sharp increase in information value?
  • How to protect data when employees are increasingly mobile, remote working becomes more and more popular, and there is growing acceptance of public cloud solutions?
  • How to guarantee business continuity in a context of IT attacks and disasters while maintaining operational flexibility?
  • How to ensure legal compliance, especially with the GDPR or the Cyber Security Act?
  • How to maximize security and protect data against cyber attacks at optimum costs?
  • How to improve security of users’ own devices in the BYOD model?


  • Integrated, comprehensive protection of data, the most valuable business asset.
  • Reducing the risks involved in granting mobile employees access to all essential systems anytime, anywhere and on any device.
  • Smaller number and reduced severity of cyber security incidents, greater control over the situation, and a faster response to detected incidents.
  • Lower risk of penalties and loss of business relationships as a consequence of ensuring compliance with legal regulations and industry standards.
  • Ensuring business continuity, protecting the company brand and image: maximizing security while optimizing costs.
  • Greater employee satisfaction, productivity improvements and cost reduction due to employees using their own devices.


Data management in the organization

Human Capital Management, a state-of-the-art self-service platform, allows to support the educational culture and increase employee engagement using either formal or informal methods. It enables talent acquisition and management and succession planning based on state-of-the-art tools that address the needs of many generations in order to enhance innovativeness and improve business performance. It also provides an easy and fast way to access information from any device.

Data transfer security

Data protection cannot be limited to data at rest. Instead, it must also cover in-transit data when transferred between devices and from one user to another. Betacom solutions enable encryption of transferred data, including e-mails and information exchanged through instant messaging. They also allow to comprehensively secure the entire (local and wide area) network infrastructure which today includes cloud environments as an integral enhancement.

Communication and data sharing security

Proven Microsoft solutions and technologies enable comprehensive protection of today’s dispersed collaboration environments which span from the edge of the local network to computing clouds. In addition to protecting data at rest and data in transit, the proposed solutions guarantee data consistency and secure synchronization while also allowing you to protect the devices of remote employees, including under BYOD arrangements.

Public cloud security

Solutions for a complete protection of data, applications and entire environments in any cloud model (IaaS, PaaS or SaaS), system configuration management, threat discovery, predictive analytics and incident response automation. They take account of legal regulations, enable simple integration with existing security systems for a traditional infrastructure and ensure high performance without imposing any restrictions on cloud system users.


Financial sector: state-of-the-art security solutions

From design to implementation: a sophisticated security system for in-house communications of financial institutions based on Fortinet technology. Advanced FortiGate 7000 series modular devices come with licenses that enhance their functionality. The dedicated FortiManager management console helps maintaining the system and keeping the configuration repository.

Columbus Pro: a secure communication platform

Securing data and document transfer inside and outside the organization: a secure information exchange platform that enables unlimited cooperation between dispersed teams without the risk of disclosing the content of their communications.

Oney Finance: a secure workplace based on Microsoft SharePoint Online

A banking service sales environment built from scratch at express speed. It was designed based on Azure resources for a customer who did not have their own infrastructure. The business environment is supplemented with the infrastructural environment, including an identity management solution and an antivirus tool. Mechanisms such as Azure Monitoring and Azure Log Analytics make sure the system operates properly. The design took account of the future increase in demand for resources and of all legal regulations applicable to data security and protection. Virtualized components of the security infrastructure include the Next Generation Firewall used under Bring Your Own License arrangements, and the Web Application Firewall for the front-end environment.

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